Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My sweet girl...

Today as we walked through town I couldn't help my smile.  Just a step or two behind I watched my priceless treasure confidently walk the busy streets.  As she walked just about every head turned and watched, she is a pretty rare sight.  Her pure white skin and bright blue eyes!!! Often people would stop what they were doing and watch her or maybe even reach out to touch her.  Thankful no rough pinching!  We stopped in a book store to look for some colored paper for a Christmas craft we are going to do together.  There was a group of 8-10 middle school aged girls also shopping in the store.  They crowded around her, touching her nose, rubbing her cheek and asking a million questions... What is her name?  How old is she?  Does she know Indonesian?  Where is she from? Where do you live?....kind of fun for me to actually know what they were saying and be able to answer :)  And all the time she stood there...just smiling and allowing them to "giggle" about her. 
We went from shop to shop with the same reaction everywhere we went.  I kept waiting for her to get sick of it or get annoyed by it...but she didn't.  She kept her head held hi and was not only polite but was very kind and gracious.  All the while, asking me "how do you say this?" or "how do you say that?"
I am SO SO SO thankful for this beautiful girl and her beautiful heart for others.  Now, of course I am not claiming she is perfect.  But I am so thankful that already God is giving her a heart and love for others! 

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