Thursday, February 20, 2014

Visit to the Pijat for memijat....

 So, just over a week ago Craig was playing soccer and sprained his ankle pretty good.  Although it hasn't been super painful it is still very swollen and bruised.  As were showed it to our local friends they all had the same  need traditional massage!  So....we did it!
 As we walked into the man's house...we were a bit surprised to see him just sitting there on his couch "working" on another patient.  We sat down for Craig to wait his turn.  The longer we sat there, watching and listening....the more Craig was ready to go home.
 About this point...Craig stood up and said "Ok saya mau pulang!"  meaning...I am just going to go home now!
 But then he braved it out...making his way over to the couch, he was a bit hesitant.  With good reason!
 The man started off slow and gentle..mostly communicating in the local dialect which we do not speak or understand.
 Yes, the other patients stayed around to watch this white guy get worked on...I think at this point he was trying to convince Craig to stay and let the man do his work.  He kept saying it will only a hurt a bit and then tonight or tomorrow you will be much better.
 As the man began to push a little harder...Craig was initially laughing and jerky his leg away quite quickly
 I think the man probably started holding on tighter and pushing a little bit harder...he definitely seemed to know just right where to apply the pressure

 Yep, that one hurts!.....notice the man sitting next to him smoking and smiling...

 Telling another story about when he used to play soccer, I think he was just trying to distract Craig.
 Just a few mores spots and you should be all better.  I didn't get a picture of it but after this the man asked Craig to run around the room a few times because he should be all better.  The man just sat their and laughed and did the others watching.
Finished off by applying some icy hot type he was finishing up with Craig a large group of people showed up.  They had come 2 hours to see this well know "Dr"!  Overall, we chalk it up to a great learning experience that will NEVER happen again.