Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Seem like everytime Craig is ready to have his own post it is something somewhat traumatic. This time it is his finger. While cutting carrots in the kitchen today he had a minor mishap and ended up in the ER. Thankfully it only took two stitches to put his finger back together, but if you have ever cut you finger you know how much it can hurt and how inconvenient it is. Please be praying with us that it will heal quickly. I am so thankful it was not worse than it is!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Apartment #3 in 7 months...

Welcome to our new little (but much bigger) home...
I tried to put these in order but of course it did not work out the way I was hoping and now I don't want to do it again...so I will just explain. This is one of the extra bedrooms that we plan on turning into an office/sewing room/storage.
when you walk in the main door you are in the middle of the kitchen but looking to the left you see our living room...the extra office room is just to the right of the couch
this is standing at the door way and looking to the left...
now looking to the right...our kitchen with PLENTY of storage...it is awesome! and the best part is that we have a sink...PRAISE THE LORD!!!
through the kitchen and on to the rest of the house...
our first place with a bathroom....yea yea yea!!!
it is little but...it is SUCH A BLESSING (even has a bath tub)
our bedroom (about 2 times bigger than the last one we had)
notice the lovely radiator...not much you can do to decorate that and there you have it...our 3rd apartment in NTBI Jackson!
There is one more room that will be the babies room. It is right next to ours off of the kitchen, but it is just empty right now. Eventually we will start on that one...not quite yet!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Starting to show...

It isn't all that much for being almost 4 months pregnant but it is starting to show! Make sure to vote on the side bar if you think we are having a boy or girl...ultrasound is set for Feb 13th!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hey all...we made it back to Michigan yesterday(safe and sound). There sure was a lot of snow when we hit MI, but thankfully it did not delay our flight at all. My brother in law was able to pick us up and bring us all back safe and sound. The roads were definitely a bit NASTY out.
Today was another day of moving. We have now moved into our third apartment in being married 6 months. We are not off to a good start..or maybe we are! Learning to be flexible! We are truly and blessed to have this new place....right now it is a mess so I am not taking any pictures...but maybe someday soon! Thanks for checking up on us!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bowling in Burley

aren't we cute?!?
posing with mama gilley
Grandma and Grandpa Gilley :)
Prego ladies with Grandma Chris
her belly is just so cute...like a bowling ball these days
what a goof...he always keeps me laughing :)
like my crown?
so funny

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas at the Gilley's

We had such a good Christmas at the Gilley's. It was split in two parts becuase of traveling and all...but it was such a good time!!
Andy and Ali
Nate and Rachel
Grandma and Grandpa comparing the old and new technology. They got a new video camera (all ready for the grand babies to start coming!) Our first Christmas as the Gilley's! :)
Thanks Trish! I love it...I wear it everyday...but you know that already!
oh wow what a nice jacket your wife bought you ;)

Grandma Doris (Happy Belated Birthday by the way!)
Grandma Chris with her new shoes :)
baby presents...oh wow!!!