Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Moving another step forward...

As we move into the new year....we also transition to another level of our language learning process.  We have completed our time at the Language School and now we will go back to our original method.  This method will be culture derived based on our daily experiences and interactions with friends, neighbors, etc.  Here is an example:

Today I learned how to make "sate" very similar to what we would call a shish kabob (what a weird name).  A friend took me step by step through the process...although I have to admit I missed out on the going to the market and buying the chicken part.  I am just not quite brave enough for that yet :/

 The point is that in our 8 months of living here we have eaten this meal many times.  It is something the people eat on a regular basis and also something that they tend of have a big events.  So we know it is culturally fitting.
Later we will go step by step through this process with our language helper and learn phrases like "the woman is cutting the chicken"

 "the woman is peeling the onion"
 This is another part of the culture that we want to look into.  Someone's job is to make these bamboo sticks...quite the process!  There are all different sizes for different purposes.  My friend told me that the thinner sticks are usually for chicken but she likes the thicker ones because they don't burn as easy easily

 smashing up all the spices by hand

 now time to cook the chicken...
 the meat is cooked one time and then remarinated and then cooked again

 quite the process!
 and then we get to enjoy with rice and a peanut sauce...I also learned to make the peanut sauce but Ill save that for another time!
Craig enjoyed it!  This is one of our kids favorite meals!

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