Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hold on tight...

This is a bit of a continuation of  my last post about driving in Asia Pacific.  Sometimes I am amazed at the things that I see people carrying/transporting on the motorcycles.  I really wish I could have a camera ready at all times to capture some of these moments.
For instance, about a month ago I saw a man driving a motorcycle with his dog. This may seem odd in itself but let me explain more...  Picture this, the motor cycle was a Honda CB (a similar bike is pictured below).  As you can tell from the picture the gas tank is on the front of the bike and is pretty long.  Well, on the gas tank sat a little Dachshund (yes, the long skinny "hotdog" dogs).  The little dog just sat there, no one holding on to it, nothing strapping it onto the bike.  Just sitting there ears flapping in the wind.  Oh man, I wanted to take a picture sooo bad! 

On a more recent day, Stella and I were in town doing a little shopping.  As we approached one of the very few stop lights in town I noticed a motor cycle ahead of us that I knew she would be excited about.  It was pink and purple with Hello Kitty all over it.  As I pointed it out to her and she got all excited, we were met with much the same excitement!  And not because of my bike...but because of my sweet adorable little girl.  As we stopped beside them (a little bit behind) the woman on the back of the motorcycle quickly pulled out her phone and took multiple pictures of Stella (wearing her helmet-you could hardly see her face).  As the light turned green the Hello Kitty motorcycle (which I must add was being driven by a man in a purple shirt smoking a cigarette) turned the same direction we did.  As we followed behind them I watched as the woman continued to sit (side saddle in her pink minnie skirt and wedges) texting or maybe even uploading her recent photo to facebook or instagram.  I had to pull out my phone and at least capture part of the moment. (see image below)  Not sure if this will seem as funny or add to you as it did to me...but there were just so many funny elements!

Who knows what we will see next...just hope I have my camera ready in time :)

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