Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vacation from my vacation...

Have you ever heard someone say that phrase?  I know I have...I know I have probably even said it a few times.  We plan these trips that seem like they are going to be so relaxing and so fun.  And yet, at the end of it we just CAN'T WAIT to get home and sleep in our own bed.
I kept thinking about this today.  The reason being that, today our neighbors returned from a vacation.  These were our neighbors I have mentioned before that took their trip to Mecca.  40 day "vacation" or trip of a lifetime!  WOW!  40 days away from home.  Sleeping in another bed.  Walking all day.  Experiencing new culture, new food, new language....and so much more.  You would HAVE to be exhausted!  I know I would be.
Well, it all started about 3 days ago. We noticed that people started coming by the house of our neighbors who were gone.  They stayed.  They cleaned up the yard and the house.  They washed the car.  And they made food...lots and lots and lots of food.  I know this because most of it was cooked right next door and there were "different" smells coming from their late and night and early in the morning. 
Today the couple returned home.  Welcomed by friends and family who live near and far.  WOW!  So many people in their yard, in their house.  And it wasn't like people were just there to say, "Hi welcome home."  No, they stayed and ate the food and talked and listened and hung out.  I was exhausted just watching...I can only imagine how this couple felt after traveling all day, after a 40 day trip.  When we left their house, which was over three hours after they got home, we saw people finally unloading their car.  I mean isn't that one of the first things that we do.  We might not get it unpacked right away but we at least bring it inside.  Nope, three hours later the bags started going into the house.
Now, why am I writing all this.  1) to share differences in culture here.  2) Because I am so challenged and encouraged by these people who make life about people and not stuff.  It isn't about what I is about loving other people.  It is about caring for friends and family and considering them above my own comforts.  There are days that the differences in culture make me go crazy....then there are days when I think wow, we could really learn a lot from our new home.

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