Thursday, October 24, 2013

Experiencing new dressing up as a traditional bride!

 Last week a friend and I went to a local beauty school so they could practice on us.  I think it was a pretty fun and LONG experience for us all!!  This is our "before" shot!  A bunch of the students came up and told us that we had to take after & before pictures ;)
 Here they are putting on stickers to help open my eye lids more...
 This was just after they rubbed my face with an ice cube!  This actually happened twice.  I was told that it is a technique to help make your face "sparkling". Any one know anything about this?  It was new and painful for me.  Talk about brain freeze!
 This technique was to make my nose look longer...oh thanks! They were pretty excited to do our make up because our features are very different from theirs'.
 I do believe they used ALL of those colors on my eyes!  I couldn't believe that it took over a hour just to do my eye shadow!  WOW!  We were told that a bride will wake up as early as 3 or 4 AM to start getting ready for her big day.  And I thought I was tired at the end of my wedding day...I can't even imagine!!!
 A shot of the colors...before my false lashes & eye brows!!!
 And they gave us lunch too....YUM!!!
 Here are my tree branch eye brows :)
 Stella was more than excited that she got to be made up also!!!  A dream come true for my little princess!
 Surprisingly my little prince was up for the occasion too!!  YEAH!  This was of course after he ran away from me crying because he didn't recognize me and was scared of me :(
 He forgave me quickly :)  Love my BIG THREE YEAR OLD!!!
 Me & my Groom!!! (isn't he a cutie!)
as always Stella stole the show...and had A MILLION pictures taken of her.  Yes, she also had fake eye lashes...what an experience!!!
And...last but NOT least...
The "AFTER" shot!!

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