Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dinner time...Martabak!

  When we first moved here Craig went out with a friend and bought some Martabak. He told me about the fun experience and delicious food...and then he told me it was made of Duck egg.  Ok I know it isn't that odd...but they are GREEN eggs.
A few weeks ago a new store opened near us which along came a few new street food sellers. AND...yep you guessed it Martabak. I have been hesitant to try it but finally it was time!

 Here he is preparing the ingredients.  Green onions, spices, duck eggs, chicken meat, and who knows what else...
 mixing it all up
 now adding some oil to the surface to prepare the dough...oil is a word you hear a lot here...and you will understand why soon
 flattening out the dough...kind of like the consistency of a tortilla but really big
 doing the pizza toss to make it bigger...I got a video of this and it was really cool but seeing as it took 25 minutes to get all these pictures on here I am not even going to attempt a video :(  guess you will just have to come see for yourself...

 spreading the ingredients out on the dough which is now laid out on the hot wok with lots of oil on it
 then he began scooping the oil all over making sure that the entire thing was covered...nice and flavorful and very crunchy!  He took the once flat piece of dough and folded the edges in to make an envelope type shape
At this point I thought he was draining off some oil...but Craig pointed out that he was actually just making sure that the ends were nice and friend in oil too...ha ha
 cutting it up after it has all been cooked
here it is...ready to go home and only for about $1.50
I have to admit that I actually really liked it a lot.  The kids were a little hesitant to try it but that was ok because it left more for Craig and I! :)
ENAK SEKALI!!! (very delicious)
Now we go home to eat...(notice the mountain/volcano in the background?  I am so thankful for it ...been missing the beautiful ID mountains recently!)

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