Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm curious what comes to your mind when you see this picture.  (Yes, that is my PINK scooter you can see in the bottom of the picture!) But what else do you see?
Here I am...stopped at a red light.  As you can see there are two other people stopped ahead of me and also another beside me.  But notice the large gap?  Why are we stopped so far away?  We are stopped in the SHADE!!!  HA HA!  I have actually never done this before today...but I OFTEN see others doing it.  The red light counts down until it turns green and people are more than willing to wait quite a ways back to stay in the shade.  As the number gets closer to 1...GREEN they will begin to inch forward.  Something you cannot see in this picture is that the women next to me is actually wear a long sleeved (what appears to me as) winter coat.  NO JOKE!  I think it was over 100 degrees today and there she is wearing a coat.  Again you may ask I often do! It is common to see people wearing gloves, longs sleeves, and pants in SUPER HOT AND HUMID weather! As far as I can tell from what I have learned so far...the people here DO NOT like getting tan.  They will completely cover themselves to make sure that their skin does not get more tan.  It is also very common to see people (particularly little kids) with white cream on their faces.  What may appear to be sun screen that is not rubbed in actually cream with whiting agents in it.  Trying to make their skin lighter...ironic don't ya think!
Now, here is the kicker....the other day a local friend of mine noticed Stella's swimming suit tan line.  And her comment was, "oh look how beautiful her tan is!"  I was so shocked and confused.  I said, "I thought that you didn't like to be tan and wanted to be white."  She said, "Tan is beautiful for white people, but white is beautiful for us!" ...OK I still don't get it!
But...for now I will enjoy the shade on these VERY HOT days!

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