Monday, July 8, 2013

just when things were starting to seem "normal"...

This next month is a very important month for the people that live near us.  It is different than any other month.  As this time approaches it seems as though the people are really excited and yet really hesitant all at the same time.  In the recent days there have been many out  of town visitors to our neighbors.  There has been a lot more noise in the evening including fire crackers and such...and we have been told to expect this more and more in the coming days...
With all of this surrounding us I definitely feel myself tense up a little.  I feel the hesitation towards feeling culture stress.  According to one article I read culture stress can be defined as, "Culture stress is the stress that occurs when you change to a different way of living in a new culture. It is what you experience as you move beyond understanding the culture to making it your own so that you accept the customs, becoming comfortable and at home with them. If you are trying to become a real part of the culture, to become bicultural, you are likely to experience culture stress as you assimilate some of the conventions to the point that they feel natural to you."
YES!  That is me right now!!!  I feel this tension and towards nothing in particular.  Just toward things being different...and now even more different.  I know this is not a wrong feeling.  However, I also know that it is something that I have to trust God with 100%.  As one of my all time favorite songs says, "He never said it would be easy...He only said you would never go alone!"  Thankful for my personal relationship with God, thankful for friends and family who are praying for us daily, thankful for my sweet children who reminded me in their prayers  tonight to just be THANKFUL even when things are not easy!  God is good!!! 
Recently I read this, "Whenever you start to feel anxious, remind yourself that your security rests in God alone, and He is TOTALLY trustworthy. You will never be in control of your life circumstances, but you can relax and trust in His control!"

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