Thursday, July 4, 2013

its all part of the learning process...

About a week ago a couple girls came to our front door.  Instead of knocking like I am accustomed to they stood at the door and made lots of noise until I opened the door.  As I did they smiled and handed me this little blue box.  Right away I noticed a paper on the top of the box with a picture on it.  The girls did not say much.  However, I noticed that they had a bunch of other boxes just like the one they just gave me.
I quickly sent a text to a friend who has been living here for just over a year.  She has been a huge help to me as she knows a lot of culture and language.  She told me it was probably a baby announcement and we would be expected to visit the baby that day or the next.  We also needed to bring a small gift but NOT bananas.  Didn't  get all the details...will have to learn more about this later.
The next day I asked my neighbor and she told me which house I needed to go to and said that she had already gone to visit the baby.  (I was hoping to be able to go with her so I knew what to do.  oh well!) My sweet little girl who loves babies was my perfect companion.  We built up our courage (ok maybe it was just me) and headed down the road.  Opened the gate and approached the door. I reached out to knock and then remembered what the girls had done at my house.  I made noise talking to Stella said, "HELLO"quite loud in my opinion.  But the TV inside was really loud.  Finally they came to the door.  It was the grandma, mother, and sweet baby boy. Just over a month old.  We stayed for about 15 minutes and gave them our gifts of crackers. They gave us tea, chocolates, and other treats.  We talked a bit.  Mostly just me trying out the few phrases I know.  "This is my daughter.  She is 3.  Oh sorry, she is 4. Her birthday was June 22. I have a son.  He is 2. Is this your only child?  My older sister just had a baby, a girl." 
We said thank you for having us and then we headed back home. They seemed happy to have us there.  I was so nervous to go.  But they were so welcoming and kind.  I was so thankful for my little companion...I don't think she even knows to be nervous.  Next time visiting will be that much easier...

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