Friday, February 25, 2011

What a blessing...

Even at 2 am this morning this thought was running through my head...what a blessing our children are. We are daily thankful for the two beautiful and healthy children that God has blessed us with. It is crazy to think about how fast they grow and change. It is easy to find myself wanting them to grow up fast (so I could get a little more sleep at night)...but I know that it is happening fast enough.
Estella is 20 months now and is still very much our petite peanut :) She loves reading books, especially a BIG ABC book that our friends left for her. She loves to be outside and has really enjoyed our random sunny days...can't wait for Spring. She has started calling Craig and I "Daddy and Mommy". SO SWEET!
Hudson is changing all the time. He is almost a "hip sitter" and if you are a mom you know what I mean and how fabulous that is. He is quite content to lay on the mat on the floor and play with the animals hanging from the mobile above his head. He has a very mellow and sweet personality. Can't help but melt when he smiles at me! :)

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