Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exciting Christmas Holiday

Aj with his brothers...

Aj with his sisters...
Gilley Family at Aj and Kaley's Wedding on 1-1-11!

It is hard to believe that our Christmas break is done and over with and we are already back in classes. SHEESH! We had an awesome three weeks in Jackson, MI spending Christmas with Kayla's family and then Aj's (Kayla's little brother) wedding. In the midst of the fun we also ended up with both kids in the ER. Nothing too major but it was not fun to have sick kids while we were away from home :( Good thing we have such sweet and flexible kids!
Now we are back at the training center and into classes. We are currently taking Missionary Technology learning about solar systems, how to build an odorless out house, cleaning your water, and many other useful things that I never knew that I needed to learn. This morning they were telling us about the possibility of waking up with green hair if you went to be with wet hair in the tropics, yea green with mold. YUCK! Oh! There were some other pretty scary stories that definitely caused me to think, "God are you sure you want this for me!" But I was once again reassure that yes, this is where God is leading our family.
We are also taking Parents and Education learning about the various options for our kids education as well as important things to keep in mind with parenting. Today we spent most of the time talking about the challenges and blessings of having Third Culture Kids. It was an interesting change in thought for me. Usually when talking about Third Culture Kids or Missionary Kids people were talking about me, my siblings, my friends...but here we were discussing our kids and what life will be like for them. Very different to think about.
And exciting!
Well...there is my brief update and hopefully a newsletter will be completed soon and you will get even more info! :) If you aren't on our mailing list and would like to please let me know!

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