Monday, June 15, 2009

What does it take to make a prego sick lady well???

Just a little glimpse at what this last week has been like...try try try this...well, I think we might have finally figured it out! FEWSH! Thanks for all the prayers! Keep them coming.....its not over yet but definitely on the rise! PRAISE THE LORD! While I have been sick I have been listening to some Walk in the Word from James Mac Donald. Today I was listening to him talk about Psalm 23...what a challenge. Of how God brings us through these hard times and "makes us" lay down. It is for a reason. Sometimes it seems like it takes a lot to get our attention...needless to say He has mine now. I have really felt challenged to live each day. It is easy in the Summer to just sit back and take things easy and live one day to the next without thinking much. But instead we should use our free time to spend more time with him and glorifying him. Psalm 23 makes it clear that it is all for "HIS name's sake". All for the glory of God. I challenge you to read through this very familiar Psalm a couple times and really ask God wants he wants you to learn through it. Sure challenge me today! Thansk again for the prayers!

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